How long is a mattress supposed to last?

You know when you need to change the tires on your car because you can see that they are losing tread.  When it’s time to change your mattress is not always that obvious.

The National Sleep Foundation and other sources say that after 7-8 years a mattress will start to break down and lose some of the properties that led you to buy it in the first place.  However, some people are happy to keep a mattress up to twice that long before they feel compelled to throw it away and buy a new one.  In the final analysis each person needs to make the determination that is right for them.

The quality of the mattress and how it is used and cared for are both important factors.  If you buy a good mattress, follow care instructions and don’t subject it to some kind of abuse the 7-8 year average should hold true.  Your age and body changes could change that formula.  Getting older and suffering some sort of injury will increase your comfort needs regardless of mattress age.  If you’re going through any of these kinds of changes it would be a good idea to compare your mattress to new ones on the market every couple years to see what you might be missing.

We spend nearly 30% of our lifetime in bed so your mattress is an important part of your life.  Good sleep leads to better health, more productivity and the ability to feel your best.  Here are some telltale signs that it might be time for a change:

  • You frequently wake up sore
  • You feel that you get a better night’s sleep away from home
  • There are visible signs of wear…tears, sagging, etc.
  • You are tired even after a full night’s sleep

So while a good mattress can certainly last nearly a decade, investing in a new one whenever you experience discomfort on a consistent basis will improve your life immeasurably.