Selecting the Right Mattress is an Important Decision

Statistics show that we spend nearly 30% of our lives in bed!  And a good night’s sleep is important to a general feeling of well being, being alert and easing minor aches and pains and the body’s ability to fight off illness.  It is clear to see why selecting the right mattress for you is an important decision and purchase.

Refit Mattress is dedicated to providing an excellent sleep system and a reasonable cost.  We believe great comfort should be affordable to all and our customers often save up to 75% compared to comparable retail products.  Our mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels and sizes and are quality crafted in the USA.  Every person is different in terms of sleep needs but there are some general “rules of thumb” you can use to make a good choice.

In most cases, firmer mattresses are better for back and stomach sleepers.  Medium and more plush comfort levels are better for people that often sleep on their side.   Finally, choose the size right for your needs….twin, full, queen, or king depending on the individual(s) using the bed and room dimensions.

When you buy a Refit Mattress you also get total peace of mind.  We provide a 30 day trial period, after which you can return a mattress free of charge if you are dissatisfied.  Shipping is always free and each mattress has a 10 year warranty.  To choose the right mattress, Refit Mattress is always a good choice.