Wake-Up Lights Can Brighten Your Day

The way we wake up from sleep is important to be fresh and alert during the day. Waking up at the wrong time when the body is unprepared can lead to feeling tired and groggy even if the hours slept is adequate.


Typical alarms with snooze options can actually create this kind of problem. A loud alarm can jolt us out of a deep sleep before the body is ready. Then using the snooze option creates an additional period of restless sleep that is not satisfying.


Our bodies are genetically programmed to wake when the sun comes up. Using a wake-up light instead of an alarm simulates a more natural way to wake from sleep. These lights become gradually brighter over a set period of time to create an “artificial dawn” that reaches peak brightness when you are supposed to get out of bed. Gradual lightening eases you out of heavy stages of sleep instead of the startling effect of typical alarms.


Many different types of wake up lights are available. They can be wall mounted or set on a tabletop. There are special designs to be used for toddlers and children. Many designs are programmable so you can manage them with wireless devices or in-home smart home systems. For those needing to sleep with a mask, a mask with a built-in wake up light feature is available.


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